Achilles Tires

About Achilles tires:
American Pacific Industries has many brand names like Achilles tires, Pegasus, Gladiator, Advance, Hartland, Armour and Farmking. They deal in full range of tires including ultra high performance passenger, bias light truck, radial tires, industrial tires, agricultural tires, OTR, bias medium truck tires, etc. they specialize in equipment development originally and private branding. With time they keep expanding and updating their tires. It also consists of process control and product development. They have their own shipping company which is responsible to transfer good from their factories to the customers.

Achilles tires
Features of Achilles tires:
It is manufactured with the most advanced technology. They offer a complete range of for all passengers including light truck, SUV, and high performance tires. The advanced off set design provides all weather traction excellently and increases energy transfer on the road. It provides excellent steering response and a quiet and comfortable ride due to the computer aided designing. It resists hydroplaning due to its offset design. Rolling resistance is decreased due to the Eco safe technology which is environment friendly and improves wet grip and fuel mileage. Wide steel belt is beneficial as it provides cornering capabilities and excellent traction. It improves braking and reduces side slippage. It drives very well on all driving conditions like mud and snow too. It enhances acceleration and performance. In some tires steel belt tread provides long tread life and durability. They are high quality tires with great appealing looks.

Services provided by Achilles tires:
They provide excellent quality products at very competitive prices. Their outstanding customer satisfaction and customer support has made them grow widely. They offer quality certified warranty. They offer complete range of tires for different terrains. They sell their product globally and are responsible for its distribution. They offer exclusive sales territory. They even offer competitive programs.

Different models of Achilles tires:
Desert hawk M/T: it is suitable for al road conditions due to the maximum traction provided to it by its tread design. It offers long tread life and higher durability.
LTR 80- it is good for all seasons. It offers tires for compact van and light truck with metric radial. It offers long mileage due to its rib designing.
Desert hawk A/T: energy transfer on the road is maximized due to its offset design. It is favorable for all terrains due to tread design which increases performance and offers a quiet ride.
Multi-van: these tires are designed to carry heavy loads for transporters and vans. It is favorable in all driving conditions due to the all season tread design.
Desert hawk H/T: it is best for sports utility vehicle as it features sporty tread design to ensure maximum acceleration and braking.
Desert hawk A/P: it performs very well on highways as it offers a comfortable and quiet ride.
Desert hawk UHP: the side wall construction is very sturdy which ensures maximum performance of sports utility vehicles.
Platinum 7: it offers long tread life and a smooth and comfortable ride.
ATR sport: it incorporates Eco Safe technology which reduces rolling resistance.
Achilles tires are perfect for people who prefer quality products.


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